Jurassic Park 4: The Evolution Continues

After years of delay, the gears are finally turning for Jurassic Park 4. The evolution is now on its next phase. The news came out from silver screen wonder Steven Spielberg himself. He said that he is part of the production team for the 4th Jurassic Park but he will not sit on the director's chair. How is that? No definite reason has been revealed. If it does one thing though, it certainly leaves the fans in anticipation. Furthermore, it is yet to be announced whether Joe Johnston will return to direct the fourth Jurassic Park movie.

Nonetheless, there are things that the production team guarantees to its fans. According to Johnston, Jurassic Park 4 will never be the same as those you have already seen. More interestingly, the film sets the new story line for another trilogy.

movie Jurassic Park 4 The Evolution Continues

Now it looks like it is really worth the wait. He added in 2011 that Spielberg is brainstorming with Mark Protosevich about how the movie is going to be. This time, it has become unclear whether the fourth film in the series will be a reboot or a part of the original series. On July of the same year, Johnston stated that the movie will be a history spin-off of the first trilogy.

In the San Diego Comic-Con, Spielberg announced that the script and the story for the movie is ready and that the Jurassic Park 4 release date will be set within the next couple of years. Actually, the first draft of the script for the 4th Jurassic movie was completed in July 2003.

The story does not take place in the jungle anymore. However, the development of the movie is delayed because the script has undergone extensive revisions. None of the first drafts satisfied Spielberg, according to Stan Winston. Too much science in the script is too talky, but too much adventure is to shallow. Spielberg wants to find the balance between the elements of adventure and science.

Not much has been spilled out about the cast but news says that Richard Attenborough and Jeff Goldblum are likely to reprise their roles. Paleontologist Jack Homer will return as technical adviser like he did for the earlier Jurassic Park movies.

Stan Winston who is the special effects artist for the series will return as well. Laura Dern was asked to reprise her role too but after the talks in 2007, no further reports have been made. In the official Jurassic Park 4, it is confirmed that Dern is returning to reprise her role.

Expect to hear some more noise coming from these untamed creatures as the movie approaches its completion. To get a glimpse of the adventure, see the trailer and the videos for the fourth Jurassic Park. The trailer itself will surely catch your breath away and will leave you with huge anticipation.

Never exclude the movie from your list because it is definitely going to be a great film. Remember, the Jurassic Park movies formerly held box office records. And having the original team who worked on these films, you will surely have a remarkable movie experience with Jurassic Park 4. Trailer will be here as soon as possible, until then we let you enjoy the third movie trailer: